217 Main Street
Gladstone, NJ 07934
Sales: 908-234-2055
Service: 908-234-1755
Storage: 908-234-2595
Fax: 908-781-2599
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Congrats on the Facebook page for The Stable!!  I'm a 56 year old "body man" that used to work on Tom's Fine Exotic Cars with a perfectionist passion for detail that still haunts me to this day! If you live in NJ, and want a TOP CLASSIC,  you just found your place to go! Exotic Cars are out performing ALL OTHER INVESTMENTS! AND you can enjoy them to boot!!! Take a ride to Gladstone and see what Tom has to offer. You will NOT be disappointed!!!!Tom has fare deals and fully services (all makes) with a highly skilled staff of mechanics. TOP NOTCH 100%. Some of the absolute highest professionalism I ever did was on cars for the Stable. I was Friends with John Delorean and owned 18 GTOs and over 150 cars in my career. I've seen it all. And the Stable is as good as it gets; amazing cars and fantastic value. I bought one of my first cars from Tom; a 1972 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible in TRIPLE WHITE!!!! Talk about a classic muscle car in "sheeps clothing!!! Enjoyed that one for YEARS!  Visit The Stable, LTD!!! You'll fall In love with the Nostalgia, Quality, Support, Service, Sales! ....Tom and Laura, and the Mechanics!!! Have some great fun! The Stable in Gladstone .... 5 STARS!!!!