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Thank you so much, for getting "Myrtle" sent safely to me here in Wisconsin.
She was in pristine shape, the radio is wonderful, and her name on the back
was even better.  Wishing all is well in your corner of the world.  


(new owner of the 1979 bug-Beep-Beep!)

Best Regards!

Hello, Tom,

Trust you are well ! - Meanwhile the weather has improved and today was the first gorgeous day. The car is registered and runs nicely. I took off the hardtop and we enjoyed our ride through the pleasant southern area of Munich. So, everything is fine and no regrets !!!

Good luck for the future of your business and perhaps - one day - we'll do another deal ! ??? Best regards, PH

Really Delighted!


I am really delighted with the '41.

I visit your website weekly (for years, in fact)  and am happy we finally met.

I am so impressed (and envious) that you have made a career of what I have
loved so much.  When I retire from the 24/7 thing that I do I will come
looking for job!



The Jaguar Mark V arrived here safely on Friday just after noon.. She is a beauty and even the guys who work on all kinds of vintage British cars were impressed.. I Look forward to driving it this summer and going to some shows.. one big on up here is British car day in September .. all British makes and usually there are over 300 cars that show… She will be there!

Thanks for all the helped the patience...


Running Like a "Gem"

Dear Tom,

Wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know how the Silver Shadow is doing out here in California.  She has undergone some "TLC" in the previous year, including full tune-up and she is running like a gem,  is in tip-top shape and still a joy!  This past year I was able to find Year of Manufacture plates for 1968 in California, so that was completed before Christmas.

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know all is well and still appreciative of all your patience and support to make my ownership possible.  She gets lots of adoration and appreciation.

Hope all is well and enclosing a few pics for you here, so you can see how she looks today.

Very best wishes and warm regards,