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  • 1974 VW Super Beetle Convertible

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1971 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Id: 648

Stock #: 3823

VIN: 1513040161

Mileage: 96071 mi

Year: 1971

Exterior Color: blue

Interior Color: white

Transmission: manual

Price: $ 14,500

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Name: The Stable, Ltd

Username: admin

Phone: 908-234-2055

Email: stablewebsite@gmail.com

Company: The Stable, Ltd.

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1971 VOLKSWAGEN “SUPER BEETLE” CONVERTIBLE #1513040161. (Stock #3823.) the original Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in the `1930’s to be an inexpensive, economical “peoples’ car.” Production never really go underway until 1945 at which time the U.S. and England had a hand in getting the almost demolished Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, restored and running. The original cars sported just 25 horsepower but were capable of 55-60 mph. Horsepower increased over the years to 36 and then eventually to a whopping 40. There were many cosmetic changes over the years and 1971 saw the introduction of the “Super Beetle” with a much-desired front suspension upgrade of Mac Pherson struts along with a larger steering box and brakes. To accommodate the new suspension, the Super Beetle had many inobvious front body changes and only kept the classic flat windshield design of the early cars on the 1971 and 1972 production cars. Our car is one of those early Super Beetles and came to us along with a fabulous Porsche Carrera “S” coupe from aGerman car enthusiast/customer. Beautiful in beautiful dark Sapphire Blue with white interior, convertible top and boot, the car has accompanying receipts for mechanical improvements and maintenance over the years. 96,071 miles. $14,500