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  • 1955 MGTF 1500

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1955 MG TF 1500

Id: 674

Stock #: 3884

VIN: HDC46/6976

Mileage: 80131 mi

Year: 1955

Exterior Color: red

Interior Color: beige

Transmission: manual

Price: $ 0

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Name: The Stable, Ltd

Username: admin

Phone: 908-234-2055

Email: stablewebsite@gmail.com

Company: The Stable, Ltd.

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1955 MG TF “1500” ROADSTER #HDC46/6976. (Stock #3884.) Entering the mid-1950”s, the MG TD was becoming a bit outdated while other British sports cars were gaining more power and sleeker lines. MG had a sleeker and more powerful roadster on the drawing boards, but development was taking longer than anticipated. As a stop- gap measure, a bit sleeker T-Series car was built with a sloping radiator grill replacing the vertical one, headlamps flared into the front fenders and many facia and interior changes. Although the “modernizing” met with disapproval of MG aficionados, the TF has now become one of the most collectible and desirable models of the MG family. MG planned on delivering the new and more powerful MGA by 1955, but its development was still dragging on. MG’s wise decision was to put the new and more powerful 1500 cc engine designed for the “A” into the “TF.” So the MG TF “1500” was introduced in the end of 1954. Horsepower was increased from 52 to 63 and top speed was increased from 80 mph tom 88 mph. Just 3,400 of these cars were built and have become very collectible today. Our car is an original, numbers-matching TF “1500” which has been fully restored by marquee specialists. Finished in original Ruby Red with tan leather, top and weather gear, the car features the “knock-off” wire wheels with which most of the 1500’s were equipped. It is the 2 nd “T-Series” car which we have obtained from a Pennsylvania enthusiast/collector and is quite spectacular. 80,131 total miles.