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1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Id: 676

Stock #: 3935

VIN: 0149320868

Mileage: 28122 mi

Year: 1961

Exterior Color: red

Interior Color: beige

Transmission: manual

Price: $ 87,900

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Name: The Stable, Ltd

Username: admin

Phone: 908-234-2055

Email: stablewebsite@gmail.com

Company: The Stable, Ltd.

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1961 ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPRINT #149320868. (Stock #3935.) The Giulietta Sprint was first offered by Alfa Romeo in 1955 and carried on, with mechanical modifications along the way, until 1965. 1961 was the first year of the more powerful engine-92 SAE horsepower, dual overhead cam, light alloy head and block—which gave the car 100 mph performance. The coachwork was designed by Franco Scaglione and built by Bertone. It was, as described in the original brochure, “elegant, streamlined, agile and pretty.” These cars have grown immensely in appreciation and value in the past years and to find a correct and original car is difficult. We have found what must be the Holy Grail of this model. It is 100% original—paint, interior, even the Pirelli tires are the ones which the car was wearing when delivered new. On April 11, 1961, an upstate New York man wrote to Alfa Romeo in Milano, Italy, to request the procedure for ordering a new “Giulietta Sprint 2 plus 2 coupe” of which he wished to take European delivery. We have the 19 pages of correspondence regarding the ordering process. By October 10, 1961, the car had been built and was ready for collection. The “Certificato d’Origine” and the “Dichiarazione di Vendita” are both officially stamped and present as well as a certificate from “Ministero Dei Transporti” authorizing the car to be put on the road on that date. By October 14th, 1961, the car had been driven 1,589 miles and received its “Tessera Di Garanzia” from Alfa Romeo. That booklet is also present. The new Giulietta was then driven a total of 3,439 miles, the mileage of each trip was recorded and that record is present. On October 25th, the car was loaded on the Italian Line’s “Cristoforo Columbo” in Genoa and set sail for New York. That official shipping document is present along with all booking, shipping, manifest and receipt documents. A large 1961 Alfa Romeo ad from “Il Corriere Di Novara featuring the Giulietta Sprint has also been preserved and saved. On October 23, the proud new owner flew home from Milano to New York’s Idlewild Airport to await delivery of his new toy. On October 31, the Italian Line notified the owner that the S.S. Columbo was arriving and the Giulietta would be unloaded. On November 3, 1961, Hoffman Motors Corporation, the New York City Alfa Romeo importer , sent notification that the “applicable export papers have been properly processed” and that the export guarantee deposit was being refunded. All of this documentation is present. Settled back in upstate New York, a separate notebook record was diligently kept--by the car’s only owner and driver--of every servicing, oil change, grease job, tank of gas (with consumption records), battery replacement, tire rotation, polish and cleaning, etc.—right through August, 1977 at which point the car had covered 27,365 miles. Everything on the car remained original including paint, interior, chrome, aluminum, glass and wheels. The original Pirelli Cinturato tires were replaced at 20,400 miles in 1968 with a new set of 4 Michelin tires and tubes (all documented, of course), although the original spare Pirelli remains in place. A replacement set of tires has now been installed on new wheels in order to avoid driving on 50 year old tires. The 50 year old Michelins and the original Pirelli spare have, of course, been saved on their original wheels. In August, 1977, the car was placed on blocks, properly stored and finally, in 2016, was awarded to a new owner. Luckily the car went to an Alfa preservationist who slowly brought the car back to life. Since then, the car has been driven 757 miles (on its new tires) and is a driving piece of automotive history. Every piece of documentation and every spare bit collected over the years accompany this preserved piece of automotive history. The car drives just as it must have 67 years ago. The Automobile Club of Rome sticker remains on the rear vent window should a new owner wish to have a return tour through Italy. Total mileage is now 28,122. $87,900