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  • 1953 Chrysler Imperial Touring Limousine

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1953 Chrysler Imperial Town Limousine

Id: 711

Stock #: 3933

VIN: 7767317

Mileage: 11333 mi

Year: 1953

Transmission: automatic

Price: $ 0

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Name: The Stable, Ltd

Username: admin

Phone: 908-234-2055

Email: stablewebsite@gmail.com

Company: The Stable, Ltd.

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1953 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL TOWN LIMOUSINE #7767317. (Stock #3933.) Following the end of World War II, Americans were feeling prosperous and very positive about the future their country. In response to this almost euphoric state of mind, American automobile manufactures responded with some pretty impressive-- and costly-- products. In 1953, General Motors offered the Cadillac Eldorado, Buick Skylark and Oldsmobile Fiesta, The Chrysler Corporation offering was the Imperial line headed by the Crown Imperial and Imperial Town Limousine. Priced head and shoulders above the standard Chryslers, these cars were virtually custom built and amazingly luxurious. Chrysler introduced the Imperial as “the finest car America has yet produced” and only Imperial badges are to be found on the car, further separating the brand from its Chrysler brethren. Powered by the legendary “hemi” V-8 engine, the car had performance as well as luxury. The 4515 pound car responds amazingly well and has a fabulously smooth ride to complement the luxury accoutrements of the lavish interior. Our car was ordered with black leather to the front and blue-grey broadcloth with fabulous faux wood panels and trim to the rear. Clocks were ordered for both the front and rear compartments. Interestingly, the car was also ordered, to provide extra privacy and security for the owner’s rear compartment, controls only to the rear for lowering the rear side windows. Although the driver did have controls to raise those windows, the hidden division window could only be lowered from the rear compartment and each door had its own individual lock and key. Our knowledge of this car starts in 1994 when, then with 6,311 miles, a Fountain Valley, California Imperial enthusiast purchased the car from the Hoyt Collection in San Francisco. He was to keep the car for 7 years until a brokered sale in 2001 when the car, then with 9,413 miles, made its way to a fellow enthusiast in New Jersey. He owned the car for 17 years, driving the car an additional 1,821 miles before selling it to us in 2018 with 11,333 miles. The car remains amazingly original and in superb condition with a fabulous ride, strong performance and absolute luxury. It is still accompanied by its original owner’s manual—in its original sleeve—as well as a showroom brochure, service and sale records and title copies from California and New Jersey. We have applied to The Chrysler Historical Association to see if we can find details of the car’s original owner and history, but have not yet learned that information. For someone to have ordered this car with its extra security measures and to have used it so sparingly, we hope that information to be interesting!