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1991 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet

Id: 725

Stock #: 3956

VIN: WPOCB2947MN440198

Mileage: 24357 mi

Year: 1991

Exterior Color: red

Interior Color: black

Transmission: manual

Price: $ 0

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Name: The Stable, Ltd

Username: admin

Phone: 908-234-2055

Email: stablewebsite@gmail.com

Company: The Stable, Ltd.

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1991 PORSCHE 944 S II CABRIOLET #WPOCB2947MN440198. (Stock #3956.) The Porsche 944 was introduced in 1983 to replace and upgrade the earlier 924. With its 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine, it was not a fast car but it was balanced beautifully and was fun and comfortable to drive. The model evolved over the years, getting considerable mechanical and cosmetic change in 1985 and ABS brakes and airbags in 1987. In 1989 the car was given an enhancement from 2.5 litres to 2.7 and horsepower was increased to 162 from 158. But the car was gaining in popularity (and growing in price) and the motoring public wanted more. Later in 1989, the 944 S-2 was introduced which changed everything. It was now developing 208 horsepower from its new 3 litre, 16 valve engine, maintaining its excellent weight distribution and borrowing the strong ventilated Brembo power disc brakes from the Turbo. It now had a 0-60mph acceleration time of @6 seconds and a top speed exceeding 150 mph and was the ultimate version of the normally aspirated 944 series. Price now exceeded $50,000 (in 1991 dollars) and it was a motoring force with which to contend. It could be ordered in coupe or cabriolet form and had the occasional rear seats in either style. A local German/American woman purchased our car new in September, 1991and has treasured it ever since. Ordered in Guards Red with power black top and leather with a Blaupunkt “Stuttgart” 4-speaker stereo system, 16’ factory alloy wheels and a 5-speed manual transmission., the car has been kept in new- new condition throughout and is 100% original. All original manuals and tools are in place and even the original window sticker is present. The car has seen no paint work and has maintained its new car luster. It has enjoyed a very pampered life and drives as new. 24,357 miles.